August 26, 2022 – We continue to be in shock and recovering from the incident at the Integrated Care Hub (ICH) yesterday evening. Our primary focus remains on supporting the individuals who use the services of the Integrated Care Hub or the Consumption Treatment Site and the staff who support them. 

We are extremely proud of our ICH community and how everyone banded together and got through the night.  We are also relieved to read the Kingston City Police update that accident was unintentional.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Kingston and area community, our neighbours and service organizations.  Thank you for all your kind words, concern, assistance and offers of help. 

If you are looking for ideas of what you can do:

If you would like to offer support in other ways:

  • Sports drinks or water are always appreciated
  • It’s still hot out, so freezies or frozen treats are appreciated

Over the longer term, please consider:

  • Educating yourself on homelessness and what you can do to advocate for a more just society and to make sure no one has to sleep outside
  • Asking levels of government to help.  Every city in Ontario is struggling with homelessness and long-term solutions are desperately needed.  Ask your municipal candidates, MPP, MP what concrete actions they are taking and what more they are willing to do to help.

In solidarity and on behalf of the consortium of community partners working at the ICH, we thank you.

Gilles Charette

Executive Director, Trellis HIV & Community Care


Carol Ravnaas and Betty Jo Dean

Joint Executive Directors, Addiction and Mental Health Services – KFLA (AMHS-KFLA)

(on behalf of the Integrated Care Hub consortium of partners)