I want to express my appreciation to clients, their families, staff and partners for their support to me through my role as Supervisor of AMHS-KFLA since December 2018.  

So much positive change has happened at AMHS-KFLA centered around the one core aim – to establish high quality, timely access to services and supports for clients.

As my appointment as Supervisor for the Agency comes to a close on June 30th, I am pleased to share that a healthy and sustainable financial position has been achieved.  Long historical wait lists have been eliminated, clinical expertise has been enhanced, quality standards and innovative service delivery models have been implemented, and staff are supporting clients in their recovery journey through a clinical stepped model of care framework.    

I am proud of how the team has emerged through significant change and is now represented on over 45 partner tables and providing services across our full geographic area. 

Thank you for your trust in our path forward, and your input along the way.

I am pleased to share that soon, a Client and Family Advisory Council, supported by a dedicated Coordinator, will be established to help ensure the future direction of AMHS-KFLA continues to be shaped by clients and families, and can guide the future governance and leadership of the Agency in their mission.

I am proud of the staff team and it has been my privilege to support positioning the important work of the Agency for ongoing success.

Thank you,