AMHS-KFLA’s Justice Services help those with a serious mental illness or addiction who are in conflict with the law.

Court Support & Diversion

Our Court Support program provides support to individuals 16+ who have been charged with an offence as they navigate the criminal court system, offering assistance accessing legal supports, and support during court appearances throughout the duration of their court matters to the resolution of charges. Information about the criminal justice system can also be provided to family and friends or other concerned parties.

When eligible, Court Diversion links individuals with mental health services in order to address factors that have led to criminal charges being laid.  The program holds people accountable by assisting them in making meaningful changes to avoid future conflict with the law. Individuals agree to complete a diversion plan as approved by a Crown Attorney. This diversion plan is an alternate resolution to criminal charges or a criminal record.  Individuals with mental health or addiction concerns who are not eligible for Mental Health Diversion may access Court Support services.

Release From Custody

This specialized program provides support, information and connection to agency and community services for individuals 16+ who have been incarcerated in a provincial detention centre and are returning to the KFLA community.  Referrals to this program come directly from area correctional institutions.